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I've tried many barber shops in Dubai and I finally I found what I was looking for for an affordable price" this is what the majority of our clients say.

When a man moves to a new city like Dubai it’s frustrating to find a new trusted barber barber, especially if you care about your image (and who doesn't nowadays?).

At Barberia Italiana we keep it simple: quality grooming services, relaxing experience and affordable price.

barber shops in Dubai the Experience 2
barber shops in Dubai the Experience

The experience at our gents salon starts with an authentic Italian espresso coffee that you’ll enjoy looking at the framed pictures posted in the wall that shows our history: Cremona, Brescia, Milano and Bergamo are the Italian cities where we first opened our branches before to go international and decide to open in Dubai and Hong Kong.

Our barbers will welcome you and try to get to know how you like the style of your haircut and beard and they will suggest what can work better for you but not only. Expect to be brought into a new world, especially if you’re not used to the pampering that a barber shop can offer you: facial, hair and scalp treatments, manicure and pedicure and selected grooming products that our barbers will suggest to take care of yourself at home.

We serve the man that takes care of his image and the health of himself. At Barberia Italiana you can find quality service and a relaxing experience for an affordable price.

Barberia Italiana Dubai - Barber Shop!

The best Italian grooming experience in the world