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Barber shop or gents salon? Barberia Italiana is the place where you can enjoy a relaxing grooming experience for an affordable price in 3 locations of Dubai: Jumeirah, Dubai Marina and DIFC.

We are not just another fancy expensive barber shop in Dubai for few fellow only, Barberia Italiana is the place where the modern gentleman can get groomed with a wide range of services and the consultation of our expert barbers that not only will provide a quality grooming services but will also help you to improve the health of your scalp, hair and face.

From the most required haircut and shave services, with a touch of relax for the ones that select our signature service, till the advances facial services, manicure and pedicure e a wide selection of grooming products to keep taking care of yourself at home.

The whole barber shop experience of Barberia Italiana has its heritage in the art of the Italian barbering: Italian coffee, Italian music, devotion to service and a commitment to relaxation in a stylish setting.

Our barbers have been trained by some of the best barbers in Italy to ensure a legitimate Italian experience – but perhaps our boss, Vincenzo, sums up the atmosphere best when he says: "I'm not a barber but I'm the most demanding client in my salon; and what I want for myself, I want for my customers".

If you’re new in Dubai and you're looking for a trusted barber shop, with the time you'll feel like at your trusted barber back home.

At Barberia Italiana we believe the way you look is our calling card: It’s our reputation and our business, which is why we dedicate such time, patience, skill and care to every grooming session.

The result? A stylish, confident gentleman – every time.

Italian experience and Arabic traditions: the barber shop you want to use. While the experience we offer is proudly Italian, we always collaborate with some of the most experienced Arabic barbers in Dubai, whose skills and traditions add great value to what we can offer our customers.

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